We already knew from a leak last night, but Sony confirmed at an event this morning that the PS Vita “slim”, or the 2000 will launch next week in the UK and will be available to pre-order from retailers tomorrow.

It has been priced at £180 and features a LCD screen, 1GB of internal storage whilst at the same time being 20% lighter and 15% thinner. It also has improved battery life.

The new version released in Japan last October with six different colour variations, although it seems we will only have the standard black version over here.

Hopefully that RRP will be driven down by the gaming stores, as we simply cannot see the logic ourselves in releasing a new revised unit – which was supposed to offer a lower entry point (at least in Japan) – for a far higher price point than can already be found elsewhere. The plight of the Vita has already been well documented and the OLED screen is incredibly striking, we can’t see how a unit which appears to be inferior with a higher price is going to restore fortunes, but then we aren’t gaming analysts.

We haven’t been told about the 64 GB Memory Card, a North American release nor what is happening with the Vita TV. We will bring you news on this as soon as we have it.

What did you make of the news? Dissapointed? Happy? Wondering about the Vita TV? Let us know in the comments.

  • Magnumstache

    Pretty stupid from Sony, releasing an inferior console for significantly more than what the OLED Vita bundles (with memory card and games) are going for.

    It rankles that they can seem so on-message and clued in with the PS4, but completely clueless with the Vita. It’s all the mobile phones fault, right Sony?


  • Terramax

    They are increasing the price with news that the console is selling better due to the higher demand in the wake of the PS4. The added fact that some people out there will assume that a new model means a superior model will have them think they’re paying extra for good reason.

    It’s a sleazy thing for Sony to do. I suspect other gaming journalists are going to jump on this too.

  • aros

    I would consider one to have a unit for the US or Japanese store but only if the price was very right. Seems strange it’s higher but I think Terramax is right that it’s the increased demand causing this pricing.

  • ruefrak

    My guess is they are pricing it high to test the waters. The high sales numbers for the PS4 in the UK is going to lead them to believe more people will now want a Vita as well. So they can start off with the higher price and set themselves up for a price cut in the future.
    Also, this makes the 1000 model look like a deal, which could also boost sales. It’s a proven selling strategy that people will buy what they normally would not have if they think they’re getting a bargain.