Earlier today the new PS Vita Slim was announced for a European released with the relatively hefty recommended retail price of £180, a number that Sony says will change with upcoming promotions and sales.

When the price of the PS Vita Slim was revealed many were taken aback by the price point, an aspect that many presumed would receive its own trimming down of sorts. This isn’t lost on Sony UK, who in a recent interview admitted to pricing being problematic for their next-generation portable.

“It’s a price that, today, Vita doesn’t regularly sell at to be honest,” said Sony UK Managing Director Fergal Gara to Digital Spy.

According to Gara the original model of the PlayStation Vita often found itself lower than the RRP due to this fact, going on to cite a recent deal of choice that helped ship units this past holiday.

“We do run quite a series of attractive promotions. If you want to know what a great price looks like, £139 for a Vita with a Mega Pack with a memory card was probably the tastiest price we saw up to Christmas.”  

It seems that while news of the PS Vita Slim’s suggested price tag may raise some eyebrows, Sony will be looking to deliver similar savings in sales moving forward with new hardware as they did with the old.

“We will continue to promote at opportune times. Take that as a rough guide only, and take today’s market prices and the market prices you saw into and out of Christmas as a better steer as to what consumers will pay.”

It’s unknown at this time as to what kind of promotions we will see at retail for the PS Vita Slim, but the prospect of a more competitive price point may just make the transition a bit more palatable for those looking to enter the landscape or upgrade their existing device.

The PS Vita Slim will launch next week in the United Kingdom and will be available for pre-order at retail tomorrow.

  • steven1212121212

    Wonder how long it’ll take to reach NA shores. Hope the slim launch does well.

  • Terramax

    Then why the hell announce it that price in the first place? I can’t think of any other reason other than that Sony UK didn’t see the trees for the woods, and are now talking about specials deals as a way of reversing their mindless tracks.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope the launches go well, also. Even though I already own the system and am in NA, I’m more interested in the bundle packs, as that would attract people more than just the core Slim system. Could be an indicator of what needs to be added to the Vita to entice sales. LCD or OLED, the Vita’s a great system with some great games, it’s just completely dwarfed by the juggernaut that is the 3DS.