The Kickstarter campaign for the visually-somber Dark Lands is in full-swing and according to the developers it includes a PlayStation Vita release as part of its base goal. At the time of this article the campaign has raised $3,523 of its initial $10,000 goal, and sits with 22 days until completion.

Developed by Czech studio Mingle Games, Dark Lands originally launched for Windows Phone in late 2013 and is currently seeking a multi-platform release. The game blends together elements of an endless runner with that of a fantasy role-playing-game, all presented with in the beautifully-grim form of silhouettes. Utilizing an array of powers, weapons and abilities; players must avoid traps while also combating imposing enemies.

Crowdfunding will offer the independent studio the ability to not only port the game to other platforms, but also to create a more robust experience; adding content such as new enemies.

The PlayStation Vita base goal for Dark Lands was confirmed to us by the developers and you can expect to see the Kickstarter campaign updated in that regard at some point today.

Keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for further updates regarding this project.

Check out this gameplay trailer for Dark Lands on Windows Phone:

  • aros

    An endless runner is the last thing Vita needs.

    • Brian Sharon

      I agree that the Vita needs more “AAA” experiences, but surely more games in general is the least of the VIta’s worries.