Guerrilla Cambridge has released update 1.05 for Killzone Mercenary, but it may not contain exactly what you may have been expecting.

According to the change log the 8,173KB patch brings only stability fixes to the popular handheld first-person-shooter, a far cry from previous plans. In November of last year the developer detailed a loose timeline for future updates, the fifth of which was promised to contain two free multiplayer maps and an offline “Botzone” for players to enjoy while disconnected.

There may be a reason for the switch.

Exactly one week ago update 1.04 became available for Killzone Mercenary, and while it sought to improve various aspects of the game; many in the community have reported errors occurring after applying it.

It is unknown to us at this time whether or not 1.05 addresses these errors, however given how recently  the previous patch was delivered; it seems likely that the developers sought to rectify a pressing issue with the game.

We will keep you updated as information is made available.

  • Lester Paredes

    Why can’t they seem to get this to work very well? lol. at least they are supporting the game.

  • almostautumn

    Not working at all. I can’t even get into a match now, let alone be kicked from it 2 minutes in.
    I went to Killzone’s homepage forums and started reading their gigantic post on how to mangle your router ports, Vita IP address, and other shtick— but boy can I just not be bothered trying to figure all that stuff out.
    I don’t know how they screwed the multiplayer up so badly, but it’s really gotten on my nerves. I mean, I only bought the game for $9 on the sale, but at the same time I would have certainly returned it for a full-refund at this point also. Highly disappointed.

  • DonnyKerabatsos

    You don’t have to configure router ports and IP addresses if you can enable UPNP on your router. Just one setting that you have to switch on.

    I didn’t really need the patch, game already worked just fine. The next patch with extra MP maps will be appreciated.

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