Those who buy Soul Sacrifice Delta in Japan will apparently receive a redeem code for early access to the Freedom Wars demo.

According to Famitsu and reported via Siliconera, it seems that those who purchase Soul Sacrifice Delta when it drops March 6th will receive early access to the upcoming demo of Freedom Wars. Freedom Wars is an action title in a similar vein to Soul Sacrifice, only with a more dystopian setting and reliance on technology instead of magic.

Those who pre-order Soul Sacrifice Delta will not only get this demo access but will also get exclusive costumes as well. Look for Soul Sacrifice Delta when it drops March 6th (and hopefully sometime in the future for the West) and Freedom Wars when it drops for Japan later this year.

  • Lester Paredes

    I would like to Sacrifice for a chance at Freedom, too. C’mon, Sony! Announce Western releases already!