Psychoz Interactive has revealed some interesting details about the PlayStation Vita edition of their much anticipated survival-horror game, Forgotten Memories.

While we had known that developers were currently in the process of finalizing the title for Sony’s handheld, a confirmed and published correspondence with a member of the Vita’s Reddit community has shone light on the details of the project.

According to Psychoz, the pilot episode of Forgotten Memories is complete, but due to the implementation of a serialization system it may take some time yet.

“It’ll take some time (about 1-2 months to finish a full vita port working 100% perfect). But that’s just development, there’s also game submission and availability on the PSN which could add an other 1-3 months. So we think probably this summer.” 

While this may seem quite distant, the developer ensures that there are some positives to be found in the delay, including the possibility of multiple episodes releasing in unison.

“The good thing is that we have few guys already working on the 2nd episode and that part is totally independent from the framework port we are currently working on, so you’ll probably have 2-3 episodes the moment is released on the Vita. 

Additionally it was revealed that Forgotten Memories will see a digital release in both North America and Europe, with the sole retail edition of the game being exclusive to Japan.

For more on Forgotten Memories, keep an eye on TVL.

  • Lester Paredes

    Multiple episodes don’t mean a thing of the game isn’t any good, which I hope it is. A nice horror game on Vita would be great.

  • Tom

    still nothing,im losing hope,i dont think its coming anymore,i hope to god im wrong…………