After announcing the latest addition to the roster yesterday, two more fighters have been teased for the The Chainsaw Incident, to be revealed later this month. 

As is becoming quite typical for the horror-themed fighting game, the news came via its official Facebook page, which features a pair of ambiguous images that openly suggest that we will be seeing the two latest combatants unveiled on February 10th of this year.

Much like the original, these new poster-like teasers offer little insight as to what we can expect. However it should be noted that the pair of silhouettes displayed are dramatically different, with one portraying a towering figure, and the other hinting at something or someone much smaller.

Additionally a comment from the game’s account on these images suggests that a Kickstarter campaign for the game could be launched in the near future.

“It’s [The Chainsaw Incident] still in the early production stage and we are going kickstarter next month”

The Chainsaw incident is planned for release on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

Check out the teaser images below:

  • Lester Paredes

    I like their at direction so far. Ali Baba, the previously revealed character, looks cool. I hope they can bring it on a game play level as well.