Atlus has announced that they have released a new patch for the popular dungeon-crawler, Dragon’s Crown.

News of the patch game from Atlus USA’s Facebook page where the publisher addressed fans in regards to the details of the newly released update. Unlike recent patches that introduced such features as cross-play between PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 and increasing the level cap, this newest release seems to deliver “minor fixes” as well as adjusting various nagging elements of the gameplay.

Currently it is unknown whether this update will hit all PlayStation platforms simultaneously.

Here is the full list of changes detailed in the post:

• The conditions for changing the element of the Elemental Lore ability have been fixed.
• Certain abnormal effects caused by equipment have been corrected.
• Situations in which online players on a higher floor in some dungeons are being matched to players on a lower floor have been corrected.
• The camera behavior has been modified to provide better views.
• Other adjustments and minor improvements to various gameplay elements have been made.

Dragon’s Crown is available now on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

  • Lester Paredes

    Good to see that this game still gets support. It’s so awesome.

  • aros

    I’m glad they are still supporting this, it’s an excellent title and I’m really pleased it sold well as it deserved to.

  • ruefrak

    I wish all games would get supported like Dragon’s Crown. They’re always coming out with new stuff.