Sony has announced today that they will be delivering a wide Japanese release for Miku Miku Hockey 2.0, an augmented reality air hockey title for PlayStation Vita.

Starring Japan’s favourite digital-idol Hatsune, Miku Miku Hockey 2.0 was originally released in late 2013 as a free PlayStation Plus exclusive, but will now be available for digital-download to the masses of Japan for the price of  ¥ 1,050 yen (approx. $10) as of February 13th.

However PlayStation Plus members will also be able to purchase the soon to be widely released title for 50% off prior to its mass availability. Additionally those who purchase Miku Miku Hockey 2.0 prior to March 31st will also receive a Snow Miku costume as bonus.

Using AR cards players are able to interact with the famed idol in games of air hockey, as well as getting a chance to listen to some of the music associated with her brand. Moreover Miku Miku Hockey 2.0 takes full advantage of the Vita’s dual analogue sticks and offers various outfits for Hatsune Miku to wear.

Check out the trailer below: