Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment gets new character details and sexy screenshots courtesy of Siliconera and Dengeki Online.

So far, little is known about Philia other than her tendency towards being an in-game criminal (denoted by her orange player status) – but it appears as though she’ll be interacting with the “good” side in a way that’s non-threatening. This is good news for those hoping Philia might join Kirito’s side, as not killing each other on site is a good sign of some sort of partnership.

As for Kirito, we’ve got a bit of news on customization options. As stated before, you won’t be limited to Kirito’s natural (read: anime) look, and will have the option to completely overhaul the character. The customization options seem to vary quite a bit, as the following are examples of possible “outcomes” after some tweaks;



…and here’s a look at the actual customization menu;



They’ve also given us a look at the more steamy side of Sword Art Online, showing off some screenshots of the event scenes for different female characters. These scenes show your favourite characters with less than modest clothing (and may be considered NSFW), take a look at your own peril;

Lastly, there’s a look at one of the new skill moves that have been added; namely, Savage Fulcrum.

As you might’ve already heard, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment releases April 24th in Japan – still no news on localization (c’mon Bandai Namco…) but we’ll keep you informed as always.

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  • Lester Paredes

    This game looks better and better with every update. I dunno about the sexy time days and images, but if it’s got good and enjoyable mechanics, I’m game.