Sony has released a story trailer for the upcoming and very twisted sequel, Soul Sacrifice Delta.

The newly-revealed video focuses largely on narrative, with much of the spotlight being shined on the cinematic elements of the morbid action title.  That said, we are given a brief look at some of the dark enemies that stand between the player and glory.

Recently a purchase incentive was announced for Soul Sacrifice Delta, with those buying the game upon release being rewarded with early access to the demo for the much anticipated Freedom Wars.

Soul Sacrifice Delta will be unleashed in Japan on March 6th, however a demo is currently available.

Watch the trailer below:

  • Lester Paredes

    There’s no trailer. Aww. You mean I have to go to youtube and watch it there? But I’m so lazyyyyyyyy! lol Looks cool, as I knew it would. I wish to try the updates for myself, Sony! Please, bring it over again!