Guerrilla Cambridge has revealed some of the goings on behind the many recent, and forthcoming updates for Killzone Mercenary.

In a post on the official Killzone forum, a member of the development team addressed the reasons for the latest patches, saying that they were largely multiplayer focused and aimed at revising match-making and team balancing. He goes on to detail many of the changes found in these updates, including the altered Update 1.05.

Originally planned as a content delivering update, update 5 in actuality brought little more than stability fixes. It has now been confirmed that the quick release of the fifth patch, and alteration to the schedule was due to some nagging issues brought on by 1.04. However this left many pondering the future of the free maps and Botzone that were originally promised for the portable shooter’s fifth update, or whether they would come at all.

Thankfully the developer, who goes by the user name Mattp_at_work, confirmed that while perhaps not quite on schedule, the content-rich update is still on its way.

“Well, both features are still coming, but need a little more time before we’re happy to release them to you.” 

Unfortunately what would come next from the developer could be considered a classic case of good news, bad news, as he revealed that while the maps and mode are still incoming; they will no longer be arriving in unison.

“I’m pleased to announce that the 2 new maps are now in final phases of development and should be released within the next few weeks.” he revealed “However, we’ve decided to move Botzone into a separate update which will be following on a little later.” he conceded.

It is unknown at this time as to when we can expect Botzone, but it looks like it won’t be long until fans of Killzone Mercenary duke it out on some brand-new maps in the multiplayer.

We will have more here at TVL as it is released.

  • vrfm87

    I barely can wait for these maps!

    I only hope that they be creative in the “schema” of the maps. I don´t want a map that works equally like another one, i want unique maps, which need different strategies and, of course, a good-looking environment. I imagine if sometime we will receive map concepts like battle in a research station surrounding a vulcan, hiding in a forest, or even surviving in a spaceship.

    And, in the future, i expect that they create something like a co-op campaign. And more things to do with the Vektan money, like “buy” new maps and clothes, at very expensive costs of course.

  • Lester Paredes

    As long as they keep supporting, I am happy.

  • Josh101

    These last patches, adding the free multiplayer maps and botzone. Aren’t they going to be the last that they do for Killzone Mercenary?

    • Brian Sharon

      I believe the “last that they do” will be PS Vita TV support, but that may not be true either.

      • Josh101

        I see. A bit sad :/ Would have loved to have some more MP maps. Like a solid 15 or soo maps to play.

  • André Rocha

    Honestly I could care less about the maps, but the bots would be very welcome for a quick MP game on the go while traveling train to work.

  • Jesse Johnson

    Anyone who plays this regularly please add me on PSN. BigJohnson7277

  • aros

    I’m guessing botzone needs different AI than the in-game enemies which is probably causing problems. I have 100% faith they will get it to us though.

    I hope they are starting to work on a new Vita game too. Something other than Killzone. They are one of the top devs for Vita IMO.