Orangepixel has released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming PlayStation Vita version of Gunslugs.

The video comes courtesy of the Official PlayStation Blog where Orangepixel CEO Pascal Bestebroer detailed the history of the sidescrolling shooter, from its humble conception, to its PlayStation rebirth.

Being brought to Vita by porting extraordinaire Abstraction Games, Gunslugs has more than six worlds, 50 mission objectives, six unlockable characters and more than ten bosses to conquer.

Just over a week ago the game was accidentally released on the PlayStation Store in Europe by Sony and to the surprised of the developers, however it was taken down shortly after.

Gunslugs will hit PlayStation Vita this February.

Watch the trailer below:

  • Jesse Johnson

    Looks pretty good. Kinda a random heroes vibe going there.

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks cool. Reminds me a bit of alien hominid… but more 8 bit.

  • aros

    I really hope Orange Pixel can be persuaded to work on Vita exclusives, they are an excellent developer, whose games I loved on Xperia Play.