Atlus has released new information about Conception II, an RPG they are bringing to Western shores from developer Spike Chunsoft this Spring/Summer.

We learn that during the game, the main protagonist God’s Gift will meet and befriend a character called ‘Chlotz’.┬áChlotz may seem to be a strange name, but it is more than fitting for the character that will accompany you on your mission to save the world.

Chlotz and older sister Chloe – the two redheads, with the cast of Conception II

Chlotz’s older sister Chloe is always stealing his thunder, being one of the strongest heroines that can aide you in battle – and the smartest! Although Chlotz doesn’t look like much help, he is in fact a technical wizard and always training to become a better Disciple.


From the first day of school and the pair’s first encounter, Chlotz quickly becomes a best friend to main character God’s Gift. Willing to sacrifice anything and everything to fight for the cause – even if he risks being unsuccessful, Chlotz is sure to be one of the strongest supporting members of Conception II’s cast that you will have to fight by your side!

Conception II has been confirmed for release in North America on April 15th, with a European release set to follow in Q2.

For further images of Chlotz in action, check out the gallery below;

  • Lester Paredes

    I bet he’s a Chlutz.