Gareth Wright from Double 11 – the great guys (and girls) behind some of our favourite Vita titles – posted a big update on the EU Blog for Frozen Synapse Tactics today, with a new video showcasing the gameplay and a few features that we can expect.

I’ve been excited for this one for a while and it’s great to start seeing some new information on it.

[quote_left]Our real design challenge for Vita was to figure out how we would engineer away from a complex menu driven PC experience to an intuitive design that still maintains the immediacy of the original game[/quote_left]If you don’t know anything about it, Frozen Synapse Tactics is an enhanced version of Mode 7’s 2011 turn-based tactical shooter which features a squad of futuristic soldiers equiped with various different weapons at their disposal. With a fully destructable arena around you, the aim is to eliminate the opposing team by strategically moving your units and anticipating your rival’s whilst they do the same, and the turn is then played out based on the choice you have made. Anticiation and mind games will come into play a great deal, I can see this being one you will challenge your friends at for a long time.

There are more details on the Blog including details on a replay theatre, which will allow to save your favourite matches to review your decisions and we still don’t have a release date but we will try to get a chat with Double 11 about this soon. Are you looking forward to this one?


  • Kevin Aaronson

    Its stunning just how far along this game has come! I adored the original on PC and android, and this looks like the original on steroids.

  • Terramax

    I’m interested in this (as usual, only at the right price).

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks like it could be really cool. I like me some tactical games.

  • HassanJamal

    Props to devs for doing more than just a simple port.

  • aros

    Oh nice, I didn’t know Double Eleven were working on this. Definite buy.