Its an known fact that indie developers are the feature in the gaming world, but while most people are well aware of the Western independent scene, the Eastern scene is often overlooked.

This is because there aren’t that many Japanese indie developers that are developing on a console, something Famitsu addressed with Shuhei Yoshida during an interview.

The first thing they asked was how he felt about indie games in general, to which he stated;

“Outside of Japan, there are many high-integrity indie titles released for the PlayStation Vita, Those titles can be enjoyed in short bursts and you can play them whenever you feel like it, which I believe is their charm[….] Since the past, I’ve always felt that there are so many interesting games out there, and it feels like such a waste that we don’t have them in Japan, too, so I’m looking at it in a different light now. Of course due to ratings and other issues, it’s difficult to simply make foreign titles playable in Japan, but I’d like to make some platform adjustments, so they can be made more available in Japan.”

Next he talked a bit about games like Minecraft and Angry Bird; specifically how people can make a living from quality indie games like those and how they would be a good way to fill the gaps in-between bigger titles. Moving on, he made notes on the Japanese market and his expectations for it;

 “From shooters to 2D action games and Japanese RPGs, there are many creators in Japan with such popular genres that have deep roots around the world. If such people participate more in making indie games, they will surely get attention, and it would d be interesting to see.

 It’d be nice to have someone see an indie game that was made by a young creator, and think to themselves, ‘Hey, I can make an even better game!

PlayRoom was actually made by a few young developers, and without thinking too much of it, they were able to make something they thought would be fun.

I think it’d be fun if creators can invent something that has yet to be done, and create something that they personally would like to represent.”

To sum it up, he hopes that indies can bring new wind in the somewhat dusted gaming market – an idea which most would agree could really turn out well.
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Yuuki is 21 and from Germany. Gaming since 1998 and starting with a SNES he progressed through all Nintendo systems as well as an Xbox 360 and Sony consoles, including his newest addition to his console history, the Vita. Favourite genres include jRPGs and Strategy games.
  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    I can’t believe in this guy. “I think it’d be fun if creators can invent something that has yet to be done” What he does not say is why Vita is not getting PS3’s greatest sellers from Sony (are you going to be happy with a low replay-value, hack and slash god of war collection? Really?). Why there are no ads. Why we have to swallow their proprietary shit down our throats. I get it, games have to be in a prop. card in order to avoid piracy, but the same is not true for mem. cards, Nintendo’s 3DS is the living proof of it. “Oh but you can pay for an expensive phone, but not a Vita mem. card?” please spare me this excuse. I’m not android/ios fan, I’m a VITA fan and I don’t think that only because I bought an expensive product, the next one has to be as expensive or even more expensive. Some even say psvita is dead already and sony pretend they don’t know it. When I ask them why, they tell me “it’s a platform that only receives indie titles. That when a game is released for it, plus games from big companies are stripped down, meaning the console counterpart gets many many more features than the Vita edition (Dragon Ball z, Ridge Racer, Lego Marvel super heroes, the list goes on)” -this and the fact west developers don’t look at Vita to release their games makes me wanna throw this handheld against the wall. So let’s keep getting those indie titles which BTW does not explore Vita’s full graphics potential and see how far sony will let Vita bleed until it’s definitely dead. I hope in the end of all this Vita’s failure-that-could-be-successful cycle, sony get what they deserve.

  • aros

    Vita can be successful without selling millions upon millions – it’s profitable for Sony. If Tearaway and Killzone don’t make their money back then I think it’s fair to say Vita owners have destroyed AAA gaming ourselves by not buying those two at full price.

    • aros

      I did buy both by pre-order but it seems most people waited for a sale even after complaining about needing AAA games all year.