Sony Computer Entertainment of America has announced that Murasaki Baby will indeed see a release for PlayStation Vita in North America.

The announcement came via the Official PlayStation Blog where Associate Producer Michael Pulst confirmed the new development regarding the much anticipated indie title’s release.

“Last summer at Gamescom we debuted the new, exclusive PS Vita game Murasaki Baby, from new Italian indie development team Ovosonico, and announced that it was coming to European markets this year.”  said Pulst. “Today, we’re excited to share that it’s officially coming to North America later this year too!” he emphatically stated.

Additionally it was announced that attendees of this year’s IndieCade East on February 14-16 will be able to get an early look at Murasaki Baby at the PlayStation booth.

Created by Italian developers Ovosonico, Murasaki Baby asks you manipulate the environment in order to guide Baby,  a lost child in search of her mother.  Travelling through the dream world you will encounter wonderfully weird characters and environments, the latter of which can be altered to shift the mood of the game entirely. By utilizing your influence on the world, it is up to you the player to maintain Baby’s safety as she embarks on her strange journey. 

Look for Murasaki Baby later this year.

Watch the announcement trailer below:

  • Lester Paredes

    It looks interesting. But strikes me as a game I could only play through once. By that, I mean there may not be a lot of incentive to replay it multiple times, not that the game is so bad that I’d only suffer through it once or something.