XBlaze Code: Embryo is a sequel to the critically acclaimed BlazBlue series – but with a twist.

Unlike the main games of the BlazBlue series, it isn’t a beat ’em up but a visual novel. While it plays in the same world, it’s set 150 years prior to the events in the main series. Being in a different time period comes with the fact that it features an all new cast of character, including the main character Tōya Kagari.

Tōya is a second year student of class B and currently resides with the Himezuru family. He works at a curry shop as a part-time job, though this comes to an abrupt end as he gets targeted by a secret organization for an undisclosed reason.


One thing that sets the game apart from other visual novels are the animated character images during dialog, with other games of its type usually taking the static image route.

Players can control the course of the story through a system called TOi, which is an in-game information aggregation program used by the characters. In the TOi system you can read or ignore some of the various articles and blog postings recommended by TOi, which will determine which story paths will open and close.

Here is a trailer, to peak your interest;


Are you a fan of the series? Or do you like the visual novel genre? Or maybe the better question is will you buy the game ?

Let us know in the comments below and look for the game when Aksys brings it West June 24th.

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks interesting. I love the way the Japanese animate boobs: the slightest movement of any kind makes them bounce like violently shaken jell-o. lol.

  • mechanicaltoaster

    This really looks promising.