Sony has released new screenshots for the recently detailed God of War Collection for PlayStation Vita.

Originally created by Sony Santa Monica Studio and with PS Vita development by Sanzaru Games, God of War Collection will feature the first two entries in the series packaged into one portable bundle for Sony’s handheld.

God of War Collection hits PlayStation Vita on May 6th for $29.99.

Check out the screenshots below:

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Let’s hope they develope Fat Princess too.

  • fatdog21

    my on worries were the frame rate of the game but knowing sanzaru games (who does great ports) that the game would at least run at 30fps……even though im hoping for 60fps lol

  • This is definitely looking great. I am looking forward to this. I haven’t playing the original two games since they were out on the PS2.

  • steven1212121212

    I though Bluepoint Games was working on GoW Collection. Either way, glad it’s Sanzaru Games working on this and the Sly Collection.

    • aros

      Bluepoint likely had frame rate issues, considering this was originally announced at e3. Sanzaru are fantastic though.

      • Brian Sharon

        Not sure what happened, but Sanzaru being involved in development is the official word from Sony.

        • steven1212121212

          I would have assumed Bluepoint Games, since PS All-Stars Battle Royale was excellent on PS Vita. But then what about Dead Nation?

  • JoeCool

    I’m just looking forward to get a few extra orbs. If you know what I mean 😉

  • aros

    Ahhh, Sanzaru are doing this too? 😀

    I will pre-order now as I have faith in them as a developer.