Popular action-platformer  Risk of Rain, from Starbound developers Chucklefish Games, has been announced for release on PlayStation Vita.

The reveal came rather unceremoniously via twitter where Starbound writer Ashton Raze spoke openly about the previously incognito Vita version, confirming its very existence. Later Sony Computer Entertianment Europe’s Shahid Kamal, and resident Khalifa of Vita, would affirm the release in a follow-up post.

Having launched in late 2013 for PC, Risk of Rain puts players in the boots of a lone-survivor of a spaceship freighter. Being stranded on an unknown planet, it is up to you to adventure through randomly selected levels that are adorned with objects that are procedurally generated. Every moment is a struggle to survive, as you must fend of monsters and search for various items.

Watch the PC trailer below:

  • Lester Paredes

    I can barely see what’s going on, the character sprite is so small… How much smaller is it going to be on Vita? I’m an old man, people!