Iron Galaxy Studios has revealed a new revision of DiveKick, the studio’s self-referential fighting game.

Announced via the game’s eSports Hour twitch stream, DiveKick Addition Edition will see a full release on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with previous versions of the game, including PlayStation Vita, ┬áreceiving the upgrade for free.

Adddition Edition is set to include at least one new character and stage, while also introducing a host of new balancing changes to the existing roster.

No official date has been released for DiveKick Addtion Edition, however it appears that it will be released sometime after this year’s SoCal Regionals which conclude later this month.

For all the changes heading to DiveKick check out the official forums.

  • Kevin Aaronson

    I wish wish wish this had an online community on the vita, no matches what so ever, hopefully with this addition it will get a little activity

    • Brian Sharon

      Agreed. It’s near impossible to find a match online – which is a shame because playing this game with others significantly increases the fun.

      • steven1212121212

        Hope Addition Edition is cross-play between PS Vita and PS4. Should do the trick.

  • Kyle Wakeling

    Awesome! I’m excited for this. ­čÖé

    PS: If anyone wants to play some online DiveKick, I’m usually down if I’m not too busy =D

    • Brian Sharon

      We should play sometime!

  • Jesse Johnson

    If anyone wants to play online sometime add me BigJohnson7277

  • darkknezz

    Add me if you wanna play. Just got this in the flash sale, psn id DarkScollo