Spry Fox has released a live action teaser trailer for their upcoming roguelike puzzle game, Road Not Taken.

Being that the trailer uses human beings in place of animals, it clearly differs that of the actual game, however it manages to portray the tone and ambiance of the game despite these differences. We get a look at the mysteriously cloaked wanderer as he journeys through the forest, iconic blue staff in hand. He must avoid wild creatures, reunite a family and eventually retreat further into the unknown.

A detailed post was published on the Spry Fox blog that not only detailed the vision behind the live action teaser trailer, but also walked those curious through the actual technical development as well.

In 2013 the developers put out a decidedly different live action video, a hilarious rendition of the Spry Fox team suitably parodying The Fox by Ylvis.

For more on Road Not Taken, check out our interview with Spry Fox Chief Creative Officer Daniel Cooke.

Watch the trailer below:

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks interesting. The art style is striking and simultaneously adorable. Looking forward to it.