Kotaro Uchikoshi has announced that the sequel to Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward has been put on indefinite hold due to the team’s inability to secure funding.

The Chunsoft Writer regretfully took to twitter to deliver a surprisingly candid string of tweets that broke the sad news and detailed both the current and future status of the project. According to Uchikoshi the team had been given the opportunity to present the project to management; however it ultimately seems that a lack of sales sealed the game’s fate.

“Some of them think that they want to make a sequel just as we wish. But, ‘in Japan’, 999 and VLR are in the red. They are not selling more than people think.” said Uchikoshi. “We were not able to present a convincing reasonable basis to the managers” he later added.

After revealing the disappointing information, the series’ writer continued to speak, taking much of the blame to heart and upon himself. “I am very sorry to all the users who are expecting ZE3. I feel ashamed of my own inadequacies.”

As disheartened as he may be, Uchikoshi isn’t giving up. He remains hopeful that the possible success of his future titles may in turn offer him another chance to get Zero Escape 3 off the ground, and even went as far as to publicly solicit potential investors.

“I still haven’t given up. For example, if the title which I make next bring about a good result, the wind might shift to another direction. Or, if someone with executive ability (financer, producer, publisher or millionaire!) propose the investment, everything could go well.”

Given the fan demand, and developer’s willingness to create the project, some may see Kickstarter as a viable option for the project; a view that the Zero Escape team doesn’t seem to share.

“(Although we also examined crowd-funding like Kick Starter, we figured the idea is not quite persuasive enough…)”

It may come to be that Uchikoshi and his team find the funding they so desperately seeking, but for now it looks as though Zero Escape 3 will remain shelved for the foreseeable future.

If you wish to directly contact Uchikoshi you can do so directly via his Facebook page.

  • Yuuki

    they should simply start an kicktarter^^

  • Slizarus

    That’s unfortunate 🙁 I thought this Genre was all the rage in Japan

    • Brian Sharon

      I thought so as well, just doesn’t seem to be the case unfortunately.

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh, that sucks. with how many of these games I hear about, I too thought they were incredibly popular. Maybe in the beginning, or the ones with some sort of brand recognition (like Prof. Layton).