Following the affirmation of release this year (which we previously reported when originally announced), NIS America have released the first English trailer for Producing Perfection.

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection is a vocaloid game along the same lines as Project Diva ƒ – putting you in the shoes of some idols and having you sing, dance and keep the rhythm to a set bunch of songs. Originally released in Japan last June, this title is finally making its way West sometime later this year and now it’s finally got an English trailer to show off.

Check it out;

We’ll have more information for you about Producing Perfection as it comes, for now just be assured – it’s coming.

  • Lester Paredes

    Excitement, perhaps? I never got the appeal of vocaloid games, not too into j-pop or k-pop or what have you. Still, I like how their eyes have the universal symbol for power. That’s a nice touch. I hope the Hyperdimension remakes make it over as well.

    • Brian Sharon

      I played the Japanese version last night, can’t say I completely disagree. If it had more focus on rhythm or player input, it would probably appeal to me more.

  • WhyWai

    I’ll support this game simply because they have the courage to localise it. Thx NIS