Get ready to get dirty because SteamWorld Dig is making its way from Nintendo 3DS and PC onto PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 later this March. The game will launch with cross-buy for the price of €8.99 in Europe and $9.99 in North America, with support for multiple languages.

The questionably-named subterranean platformer follows the adventures of the gruff mining steambot Rusty as he makes his presence known in a mining town that is much in need of help. “SteamWorld Dig is what we call ‘a mining platform adventure.”'” said developer Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson on the Official PlayStation Blog. “The objective is mining, the controls are those of a platformer, and it’s a story-driven game with a defined beginning and end.”

In SteamWorld Dig you must make your money by mining for precious stones and return to the town to hock your wares in exchange for improved equipment. The deeper you dig, the more difficult the enemies and environment become, making each excursion more troublesome than the last.

By the description of the game alone it may sound similar to that of other popular crafting-adventure games on the market, but that is  a comparison that Sigurgeirsson doesn’t necessarily agree with. “It’s [SteamWorld Dig] been compared to Minecraft and Terraria, but those are sandbox games and not that similar to SteamWorld Dig — which is more of a Metroidvania type of game. 

Keep an eye on TVL for more information about Image & Form and SteamWorld Dig in the near future.

  • darkknezz

    Fun game, I have this on my 3ds XL (pssst don’t tell Nintendo but I play my Vita waaaaay more!!!)

  • Lester Paredes

    Sold! I was contemplating getting it on my PC, but if it’s headed for Vita, then I know what it is I must do.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    This games sounds like fun in every way, it’s going to be repetitive some time though. I hope it’s more challenging than it looks and BTW maybe there will be a pack of avatars and themes for our Vitas, just like Guacamelee did with their Fantástico bundle. Sold! [2]