Developers Omega Force have unveiled new trailers showing the playable characters of upcoming title Samurai Warriors 4 in action.

Each of the five short trailers released focuses on one character and shows gameplay footage of them in action fighting off waves of footsoldiers.

To start with we have Kunoichi, a fictional ninja bodyguard, who can be seen displaying her silky and speedy attacks below;

Next up is Kai – a lady samurai bodyguard who is famous for her act of riding personally into battle;

After Kai we have Kotarō FūmaKotarō Fūma is the supposed leader of the Fuma ninja clan, and has the ability to teleport short distances whilst causing chaos on the battlefield. See him in action below;

Known as the “Lion of Sagami”, Ujiyasu Hōjō is the next character we see in action. Revered as a fearsome warrior and a cunning man, Hōjō is the third head of the Hōjō family.

Last but not least is Takeda Shingen, nineteenth head of the Takeda clan and influential leader of his region, Kai Province. With a four-element attack, Shingen is a force to be reckoned with.

Samurai Warriors 4 is due to release in Japan on March 20th, with an American and European release to follow. For further updates, be sure to check The Vita Lounge regularly.


  • Mauricio Quintero

    Does he have the Rinnegan too?