Gust just released a bunch of brand new information on their upcoming Atelier Ayesha Plus!

In Atelier Ayesha Plus you will have the chance to fight bosses from its direct sequel Atelier Escha & Logy – these bosses will be harder then the normal bosses of the game.

This can be seen as a training for Linca who has to fight them again 4 years later.

Another new feature of Atelier Ayesha is a mission based album folder, in which you unlock parts of pictures through solving one of the many missions in the game. Once you fully unlock a picture you get several bonuses – for example a new costume for your character.

Speaking of costumes, Gust also revealed some new costumes for the game. One of them is an Alice themed costume for Ayesha, another one is an Mermaid esque costume for Linca and last but not least an Bamboo Queen costume for Wilbell.

Here’s a few new screenshots from the game finish it off;

The Japanese release is set for March 27th and will include all the DLC from the PS3 version.

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  • aros

    I wish they would reduce the games in this series to under £10 or put one on Plus as I want to try but not for more than £10.

    • steven1212121212

      Yeah, if I wasn’t so tight on money, I’d have Totori and Meruru Plus. But I’d like to see a steep PS+ discount.

  • What the heck are these games! I really want to try one but will not go in blind full price.

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure wish they’d give us a solid release date for a western release. Worth the money, if you ask me, but knowing when they release would help me prepare my PSN wallet.