Developers MixedBag are bringing their mind-bending shooter, Futuridium EP Deluxe, to PlayStation Vita.

According to a post by Co-Founder Mauro Fanelli on the Official PlayStation Blog, EP Deluxe is an “all new, enhanced, expanded, turbo charged” version of the Italian Studio’s debut title Futuridium, which saw releases on PC, Mac & iOS by the end of the summer of 2013.

Beginning initially as a pet project for the studio, the game started as a “total reinvention” of the Commodore 64 top-down classic Uridium, with the goal of infusing the title’s already frantic pacing with a grander scope through the introuction of “full 3D gameplay“. But it wasn’t long until the small aside took the leap from prototype, to fully-featured title, eventually becoming a “perfect match” for PS Vita.

“In Futuridium you are a lone starship pilot who gets lost in a dimensional loop just before a big space battle.” explained Finelli. “With a limited and constantly depleting energy bar, your only hope is to fly as fast as possible over enormous space dreadnoughts and destroy power cubes to replenish your energy tank and reveal the dreadnought’s power core, which must be destroyed to move on to the next ship.”

Where shoot ’em ups often fail is that often, many of them feel quite similar. However one of the more unique design choices in Futuridium is that the game is completely devoid of power-ups of any kind, asking more of players instincts than their ability to “game” the system.

“You have no power-ups and limited control over your speed, so you can only count on your reflexes, your dual lasers, the nimbleness of your starship, and the ability to turn 180° on the spot — an essential technique when navigating the dreadnoughts’ intricate passages.”

Unlike the more novel choices in terms of gameplay, the overall the structure of Futuridium is a tad more familiar to fans of the genre in that it is largely score-based, rewarding skilled pilots for taking risks as well as offering players to earn multipliers by destroying and chaining “cubes” together.

Here are some of the changes brought forth by the Deluxe edition as detailed on the blog:

  • New gameplay modes
  • New levels
  • New game mechanics
  • A graphical overhaul
  • More music
  • More speed
  • More enemies
  • Trophies!
  • New ways to crash and explode in a trillion colorful cubes… did we mention the game is super difficult?
  • Silky smooth 60 frames per second action

No release date has been set for Futuridium EP Deluxe as of yet, so keep it tuned to TVL for more information.

Check out the PlayStation Vita trailer below:

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    Now this is an indie I can get behind.

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    That looks awesome.