Guerilla Cambridge has revealed that  their latest update for Killzone Mercenary will be coming February 19th and will indeed contain the much anticipated multiplayer maps that had been announced months prior.

According to a developer post on the Official Killzone forum, the 167MB  update (526MB if you haven’t installed previous patches) will be available for download this Wednesday at 12pm GMT and will contain the maps Tharsis Depot and Blood Gracht. If these sound familiar to you, you may be due to the fact that these are modern revisions of two classic maps from Killzone 2.

Here is how they are described on the Forum:

Tharsis Depot

After incurring damage during the ISA invasion of Helghan, this subterranean mining platform has been converted to process nuclear Petrusite. Now that it’s back in full-scale production, the ISA will again battle Helghast and mercenary forces between the structures of Tharsis Depot. This time they intend to finish the job they started. Under the cavern’s artificial light this is a great map to play Guerrilla Warfare or Warzone on. A Mercenary version of the Killzone 2 classic.

Blood Gracht

Months after the nuclear blast that ruined most of the city, Pyrrhus is slowly recovering. But now with ISA, Helghast and mercenary troops clashing in the suburb’s buildings and winding alleyways, the canals once again run red with blood. This fan-favourite multiplayer map from Killzone 2 is ideal for all game modes.

Previously Guerrilla had stated that they were in the final stages of development regarding the maps, and that they would be releasing the originally paired offline Botzone at a later date. The release date of the latter is still unknown at this time .

Be sure to check out the map pack when it goes live tomorrow on the PlayStation Network.

For more on Killzone Mercenary, stay tuned to The Vita Lounge.

  • Gav

    Good guy Guerilla! Free maps are always a good thing especially when other devs would have charged for them.

    • steven1212121212

      Yeah, so true.

  • fatdog21

    Thats awesome!! Tharsis Depot was one of my favorite map on kz2. Cant wait!!

  • darkknezz

    Hellz to the yeazzz

  • Kyle Wakeling

    See you guys out there!

  • They’re also selling a premium machine gun for $1.49.

    A powerhouse weapon of the ISA, the M224-A1 Light Machine Gun carries more than enough ammo to get the job done at the cost of accuracy. Fortunately for a Mercenary, subtlety is not always a mission requirement.

    • RoboAddy

      That was the preorder DLC, I see no issue in putting it up at such a tiny price so people who didn’t preorder can get it too.

  • Lester Paredes

    Always nice to see a game continue to get support from its developers. I hope that the game did well enough that their next Vita FPS is coming soon.

  • André Rocha

    Although I can’t be mad at free stuff, I can live without more maps, just want the bots (hopefully free as well in EU)

  • TheBusterMan

    Botzone would be nice for practice.I got owned on MP!