Curve Studios has announced that they will be bringing yet another title to PlayStation platforms.┬áThe latest addition to the publisher’s hefty console catalog will be the two-title collection, Titan Invasion, which will be released in Summer 2014 on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Developed by UK based studio Pupppygames, Titan Invasion combines both “Titan Attacks!” and “Revenge of the Titans” into a solitary, cross-buy package.

While the games may share a title and ultimately the limelight, each play quite differently despite of their similarities.

Titan Attacks! is described as a throw back to classic arcade shooters of the past with some decidedly modern twists, being innovative but still managing to evoke the spirit of such timeless classics as Space Invaders and Galaga. The game will feature over 100 levels, 5 unique worlds, “neo-retro” visuals, as well as a full upgrade system and leaderboards. According to Curve the game will also be running at 60 frames-per-second across all PlayStation consoles, which lends to the fluidity of this “neo-retro” experience.

The second game in the package, Revenge of the Titans, features the return of the aforementioned Titans in an completely different arena. Billed as blend between Real Time Strategy and Tower Defense, the game expands on the “frantic action” of the original, while playing with exploring new possibilities in terms of design.

“The perfect accompaniment to Titan Attacks!, Revenge greatly expands on the original game, allowing players to build a network of turrets, rocket launchers, laser canons, barricades, shield generates, refineries, reactors and over 20 other buildings to defend against a huge scale assault across 50 levels.”

No exact release date has been set for┬áTitan Invasion, however it has been revealed that the game will be “available and playable” on all three PlayStation platforms at launch.

  • Devin Hudson

    I’m conflicted on this one. Titan Attacks! looks pretty good, but I’m not really into RTS or tower defense games enough to care for Revenge of the Titans. I still think this is a great deal for those interested in both games, but I may skip out on this one.

  • Lester Paredes

    Cool! I saw these a little while ago on steam and put them on my wishlist because they looked interesting to me. Now I’ll just wait and get them on vita.

  • aros

    Shame one is a tower defence as I’m really interested in the Space Invaders style game. I’ll wait for a significant sale to the point where I’m paying what is fair for the one of the two games I want.

    I hope they announce some bigger name games soon, I was hoping for a recent indie smash hit among their announcements.