A pair of early screenshots have been released for the free multiplayer maps included in today’s update for Killzone Mercenary.

The images are courtesy of Guerrilla Cambridge Art Director Tom Jones, who months ago hinted at the downloadable content himself in an interview with us on the The Vita Cast podcast.

Details regarding forthcoming update were announced yesterday by the developer, just one day prior to its release. The free map pack for the portable shooter will feature revised editions of two popular Killzone 2 multiplayer maps, Tharsis Depot and Blood Gracht, and will be available for free later today.

Check out the gallery screenshots below:

  • Lester Paredes

    Awesome. Thanks for the continued support, gorilla Cambridge!

  • Terramax

    Hopefully these maps aren’t the confusing mess the current Mercenary ones are.

  • Daire O Reilly

    I’m still hoping they haven’t canceled the offline bot mode ?