Dedicated fans of the Zero Escape franchise have banded together, creating the social media campaign Operation Bluebird, in the hopes of bringing Zero Escape 3 out of its indefinite hiatus.

It was one week ago that series writer¬†Kotaro Uchikoshi took to twitter to deliver the unfortunate news that he and the Zero Escape team were unable to convince management to green light a sequel to 2012’s Virtues Last Reward. While Zero Escape clearly has a dedicated fanbase, it was revealed that the failure came due to the fact that the titles did not sell well enough internationally to warrant future iterations.

In an effort to resuscitate the now comatose franchise,¬†Zero Escape fans are urging one another to upload time stamped photos of themselves asking for a Zero Escape 3, along with their copies of 999 (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) and Virtues Last Reward to the campaign’s official Facebook.

The movement and voices of the disappointed fanbase have become quite strong, even attracting the attention of Uchikoshi himself. The writer has shared a link for the campaign on his official twitter account and has since remarked that “various matters are now under consideration.” hinting that there may be hope still for the beloved visual novels.

Though the future of Zero Escape 3 is still up in the air, supporters of this social media campaign hope that their actions can bring the third entry in the series back down to earth.

At the time of this article the Facebook page for Operation Bluebird sits just shy of 6,000 likes.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope they get it. I like the games, but I don’t know if I like them enough to start a grass-roots campaign to get a third. Took me forever to get through, because puzzle games give me a headache! lol. I’ve yet to finish a Professor Layton game (despite owning all that have released in America (purchased for my wife, she loves Hershel Layton)) and even though these aren’t quite on that level, Prof. Layton is the closest thing I can compare it to aside from classic point and click Adventure games.