Atlus has revealed some more classes, as well as the fact that the classes alone aren’t enough – each heroine will have different stat bonuses which work rather well with some of those classes.



Bondsman are something like the end-class of the game. They are somewhat comparable to the Ultimate Character Persona in Persona 4 Golden, and much like in P4G you have to max out the bond link with the mother to unlock it. Another notable addition is that they use bond points for their magic instead of mana.


Gun Saint

Give a Paladin a gun and you pretty much have a Gun Saint. To unlock this class you have to find a rare item, but it’s worth it since they are heavy damage dealers and can almost penetrate all kinds of armor.



Divas are like minstrels on steroids and need an extremely rare item to unlocked. They’re worth it though, since minstrels can revive fallen teammates (as well as buffing allies and debuffing enemies).



This could be your main damage dealer mid-game, but they drop off in usage as you get further in.



Lancer is a class that heavily relies on building chains to immobilize the enemy. If played right they can become quite the damage-dealer.



Rangers can be described as the jack-of-all-trades of the classes, as they’re rather effective at healing, debuffs and defense. They are a very good choice for mid-game, but only if your team isn’t really specialized.



Merchant is a really interesting class; next to dealing fairly high damage, they also can open up shop in dungeons if you should ever need more potions.



Archers are an early to mid-game unit that are specialized in hitting weak-points. They are good attackers and also can cast a few debuffs and status conditions.

Conception II will be released on the 15th of April in America and has an tentative release of Q2 for Europe.

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