Designer and Creator Edmund McMillen has decided to opened himself up to suggestions regarding potential “dream challenge runs” for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

According to a post on McMillen’s official blog, he chose to emdue to the incredible amount of unsolicited suggestions sent in by fans.

“ok so here is the deal, you guys wont stop bugging me about rebirth suggestions and im to the point where im designing quite a few custom item challenge runs for the game… so im asking the fans.”

The designer is asking for submissions that add a sense of challenge and novelty to the main game, some of which may wind up making their way into the final product.

“if your idea is awesome ill be choosing a few of them to feature in binding of isaac rebirth!”

The designer would later go on to warn that he will be quite selective in his decision process, warning that certain suggestions may be declined to resembling some of the challenges he himself has already created.

Another hurdle for fans looking to showcase their ideas will be the strict method in which McMillen accepts proposals.

“im only reading reblogged comments, dont send me them via questions, tweets or emails…”

Rebirth is a remake of the original flash game, co-developed by Nicalis and McMillen himself. Featuring additions such as new items, enemies, bosses, visual style, soundtrack and more; the jump to consoles will bring a fresh start to the 2011 title.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is set to hit PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 sometime in 2014.