Developers Roll7 have updated fans in regards to the crash-inducing bug that plagues the PlayStation Vita indie exclusive OlliOlli.

Crashes in a skateboard game are commonplace, especially for one as inherently difficult as OlliOlli, however a game-crashing bug has continued to plague the surprise hit since it released in January of this year. Roll7 are keenly aware of the randomly-occurring nuisance and have openly stated that they were moving forward to remedy the situation in the past, but it has been weeks since the game launched and it has yet to receive any aid in that regard.

A recent post on the Roll7 blog however not only details the origin of the bug itself, but also the current status of the much awaited update as well.

According to the recent post, the “fatal bug” appears to be caused by the Network connection, as was previously suggested by the studio earlier this year. Perhaps more important is the statement that while a fix is not currently available, the studio is “NOT going to give up” and have enlisted a “crack team of VITA specialists in Spain” to work on the much awaited patch.

Additionally, it appears that the Spanish developers have been contracted to create some new content for the popular portable skateboard title, supposedly set out to build “a cheeky little bonus feature that should cheer people up!“.

No official release date or expected window was announced by the team.

For more on OlliOlli check out our review.

  • darkknezz

    Sweet! Can’t wait!

    • Brian Sharon

      I’m really curious about this new, cheeky content personally.

  • Lester Paredes

    A bug so heinous the original developers can’t fix it themselves! so they pawn it off on someone else to fix and make more content! How cheeky! Kinda glad I held off on this. I mean, it wasn’t my incredible backlog that stopped me from buying it… no… it was this very bug… >_>… <_<… Oh good, they bought my excuse. what do you mean I'm still typing? Oh shi–

  • aros

    I’m glad they have hired another team to fix it – this will have cost them good money so I don’t think anyone can be angry. Hopefully the new team will be able to solve it.