The cast of The Chainsaw Incident has grown once more as five additional combatants have been revealed this week for the gruesome fighting game.

Ever since the horror-themed title’s announcement in late January, we’ve seen the roster consistently expand, with new character announcements rolled out in what seems to be a weekly fashion.

While we have become increasingly familiar with the faces of the game, we haven’t heard much in regards to details from either Origo Games, nor developer Crazy Piranha. However we are aware that a Kickstarter campaign is planned for launch later this March, so keep an eye on TVL for more information.

Check out the fighters as described by Origo Games:

  • Vargo:  A Creature from the depths, Vargo is the spawn of the King of the Poison Frog Clan (毒蛙一族). Vargo is a Ruthless martial master, able to extend and increase his body to extend lethal punishment. His touch is poison and will break the strongest of foes.
  • Hyde the Ripper: A gentlemen by day, a hulking ripper by night. A soulless devil who slashes throats in the night. He is driven to make Lenore his next victim.


  •  Rondella: is a from a world unknown. He has the ability to travel in the spirit realm and consume bad habits of the host. What his agenda is however remains a mystery.
  • The Gate Keeper: is the protector of the gates of heaven and hell for the human world. Half Angel and Half Demon he is a neutral to both good and Evil, he vows to keep both gates to either side closed to anyone trapping them in an endless purgatory.
  • Artifact 51: Lenore always thought she had been abducted, and maybe she was right! Artifact is an Alien in all the sense and whether a friend or foe  Artifact’s is aiding Lenore, but only so itself survives.
  • darkknezz

    looks cool, love the concept

    • Brian Sharon

      I love the horror aesthetic. It’s wonderfully morbid.