During an interview between Siliconera and Terasawa he was asked about a possible third Danganronpa game.

His answer was:

“We are absolutely thinking about making a third Danganronpa, but we haven’t decided on anything specific just yet. I’m still talking with the rest of our staff about what we could do. I don’t know when we might be able to actually announce anything, so please wait patiently for that!”

The just of that is that is that they want to do a third Danganronpa, and they’re actively talking about it – sounds like it’s a good bet at this point we’ll see something Danganronpa from them in the future.

He also talked about Dangonronpa Another – a spin-off game set between the first and second games of the series, with Makoto Naegi’s sister as the main protagonist.

Both games haven’t received a release date yet, but stay tuned as usual for more.