A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched for Koe, a JRPG that aims to introduce players to the fundamentals of the Japanese language.

Aimed at both newcomers, as well as those already in the midst of learning, Koe will feature a story driven turn-based JRPG experience. However it is in the unique mechanics that the game truly shines, subtly submerging and educating the player in the Japanese language.

“Koe features a traditional turn-based battle system, where you are given Japanese words from various sources (NPCs, chests, monsters, shops etc) and you use these words as moves in battle, you can even combine them to make sentences for better moves!” explained Jitesh Rawal of Strawberry Games.

Rawal hopes that by implementing his unique teaching method directly into a fully-realized JRPG, he will be removing some of the barrier to entry from a language that is perceived to be difficult.

Essentially, what I want to do in the game is give you an introduction to the Japanese language within the game itself. I know people who are interested in this style of gaming, as well as Anime and Manga, and who have wanted to learn Japanese because of it, but have no idea where they should start. So why not a fully-fledged story-driven JRPG that gives you a nice start with the language itself?

While the developer stated that he has planned Koe as an introduction to Japanese, the project is surprisingly ambitious in regards to how much it plans to educate the user.

Here is what players can expect to take away from Koe:

  • The Japanese syllabaries, Hiragana (ひらがな) and Katakana (カタカナ) so you will be able to read basic Japanese.
  • Kanji (漢字) and their readings, as well as their use in words and sentences.
  • Japanese words. This will include nouns, verbs as well as some basic conjunctions. Most of these would be words you would find in everyday life, such as words for various food, animals, transport, locations, directions, etc.
  • Japanese phrases. This will include introducing yourself, various ways to end a conversation, asking for items and will cover conversational language.

At the moment Koe is confirmed for a release on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux; however a PlayStation Vita version has been planned as one of the game’s stretch goal.

Koe is planned for a June 2015 launch.

For more details head over to the official Kickstarter page.

  • Terramax

    I would be interested in this, so long as I’m assured the creator actually has a good understanding of the language.

    • Brian Sharon

      He does, in fact he says he loves it.

  • Lester Paredes

    That sounds to be really interesting. I wonder if it’ll take off.

    • Brian Sharon

      I agree with you, if I wasn’t so broke I would throw all my moneys at this game.

  • Kate Briga

    Totally awesome !!! Go Koe