Rain Games today confirmed that stunning puzzle platformer Teslagrad  will be getting a release on the PlayStation Vita.

Rumoured to be coming to the Vita last year, Teslagrad sees you take control of a little boy who utilises magnetism and electromagnetic powers as the key to unveil the story of the last teslamancer.


In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, lead programmer Fredrik Ludvigsen discussed the process of adapting this beautiful game for the handheld. Fredrik tells us that when it comes to porting the game the  ‘PS Vita hardware makes everything easier. For other systems, it’s not strictly impossible to port the game… but just way too much work. I think the key here is the native Unity support.’

Fredrik also goes on to say that because of the Unity support the developers lives’ have been made easier, stating that ‘When porting to Vita, we’re mostly just having to “shrink” and optimise the game. In terms of the Vita hardware, I’m very thankful that there is 512MB memory on the thing. I expect that our main challenge with the PS3 will be the 256MB memory it has.’ This statement is a clear indication that, when it comes to the console versions, Teslagrad may find its spiritual home on the handheld.

We are told also, that in regards to Vita specific features, ‘the map might get a touchscreen component‘ and that the game ‘feels great‘ to hold in your hands.

Watch the trailer below to see this delightful game in action;

As of yet, Teslagrad‘s release date has not been confirmed. Keep checking The Vita Lounge to ensure you don’t miss out on any future announcements concerning Teslagrad or its release date.

  • Lester Paredes