A retail listing for Borderlands 2 by Dell suggests that we could be vault hunting on PlayStation Vita as soon as April 15th.

Borderlands 2 was originally announced for PlayStation Vita at Gamescom in 2013, few details have been revealed regarding the state of the project, including its release date. Previously we have seen multiple rumours and erroneous confirmations regarding a potential March 18th release for the multiplayer shooter, however this latest listing would suggest otherwise.

While it is entirely possible that the April 15th release date published by Dell is a placeholder, it is curious that the date falls on the date in which the final piece of DLC for Borderlands 2 is set to hit consoles. Moreover April 15th is also a Tuesday, which is typically when new releases are made available for PlayStation platforms.

Recently the much anticipated port by Iron Galaxy Studios was announced as part of a PS Vita Slim bundle in North America that is set for a Spring 2014 release.

This is not an official confirmation and as such will update you as this situation develops.

To view the listing – click here

  • Same day as Conception II. Hmmm that’d make things difficult for me oh well! 😀

  • ruefrak

    When did Dell start selling Vita games???

    • Lester Paredes


    • Brian Sharon

      It took me by surprise as well!

      • ruefrak

        So as the PC market starts to dwindle, they decided to hop on the fast moving train that is the PS Vita. Maybe this is just the shot in the arm our beloved little handheld needs. With the full power of Dell behind it, how could it possible fail?

    • Yuuki

      well they need new market since there core market (pc hardware) isnt profitable anymore.

  • Lester Paredes

    Also, the deadline to file for taxes in the US! Looking forward to it, but I always thought it was May for some reason. Either way, it’s already paid off and I’m just anxiously waiting a review and hoping that is a quality port.

  • fatdog21

    ()-() thats me holding my breath….

  • darkknezz

    This and FFX/X2 preordered, cant wait.

  • aros

    Hopefully it will be good!

  • Berserker1137

    April 15 is my birthday 🙂

  • Jeff Masser

    Gamefly has the release date as May 6, which seems more plausible, as much as I’d like to see it earlier.