Fans of the portable first-person-shooter Killzone Mercenary will only have to wait “just one teeny month” to get their hands on the much awaited offline Botzone.

A tweet by Senior Environment Artist Laura Dilloway in response to an inquisitive fan revealed that the mode should be ready for release sometime in April, if not sooner.

Hey! We’re looking at an April release, so there’s just one teeny month more to wait. If we can make it happen sooner, we will 🙂

The single player take on the popular multiplayer action was initially slated to be released in tandem with two free maps, however an update issued by the developers broke word that Botzone had been both separated and delayed until a further date.

Are you excited for Botzone? Let us know in the comments.

  • André Rocha

    Well, I will be excited if they don’t charge for it in EU as they stated on the US blog post it was free and on the EU blog post there was a “tba” which doesn’t look good. Let’s wait and see.

    • hesoyamdonMonster

      it will mostly be free, even if they charge, maybe $1-2, i wont mind buying it, more than that is questionable.

      • André Rocha

        I do mind paying if other region gets it free, it’s a matter of principle. It is also because of the way of thinking sometimes either devs/publishers/or whatever charge for stuff that should be free, because there’s always people buying them no matter what. I’m not judging you, just saying that we should speak/vote with our wallet, which I always do.

        • hesoyamdonMonster

          yaa ur right, but i would only use vita in deal base if their is some good game, killzone is killer game, but for how long can i play the single player? If their is Botzone for killzone then my vita wont collect any dust ! so i do not mind to pay something same, is it going to cost $5 – T

          • André Rocha

            I see your point there, rather pay for botzone and still enjoy your game then put it to a corner to collect dust. It is a valid point indeed, I wish though that whoever put prices on dlc’s were more realistic while doing it and not so greedy.

  • fatdog21

    Thats cool. Personally i wont use the mode. I like kickin ppl asses more than AI’s lol.

    • Brian Sharon

      May make for some good practice grounds for people on the go.

      • darkknezz

        It will be great when I want to run an gun while traveling…more specifically on a flight.

  • Lester Paredes

    Cool. I’ll use it when I don’t feel like getting my virtual face stomped on by online jerks.

  • Josh101

    I guess I’m excited about it. Almost a “little too late.” I’m on to other games now. Actually, I have more Vita games than I can handle at the moment, with Toukiden just released and still cracking away at Dragons Crown. The two new maps were pretty cool though.

    • Jeff Masser

      Yeah, the new maps were nice, but like you, I’m playing Toukiden.. also playing Y’s…..

      Not to mention that the mp in kz merc is crazy now, too many rocket launcher and shotgun spammers up in there.. it’s not as fun as it was shortly after launch…

      I don’t really see the draw to ‘botzone’ anyways… it’s basically Multiplayer without…. people? Uhh, okay… I guess it’s for offline ‘practice’…. I think it’d be better if they worked on either more maps or some campaign dlc.. but it’s pretty cool that the game continues to be supported 🙂

      • Josh101

        Well, botzone was really awesome in the first Killzone. I remember playing couch co-op botzone back in the day that was pretty fun. I can also see this being fun by yourself when commuting. I played a round of MP at the barbershop last week. The rocket and shotgun spamming was minimal in the round I played, I was at 25K/11D before my barber called me to the chair.

  • Danny Doran

    I am for sure excited.

  • JakeUffer

    “Inquisitive fan” 😉 you’re welcome 😛