After successfully reaching its base goal of £35,000 in just over a week, the Kickstarter campaign for Koe has been updated to include a pair of stretch goals; including one that could see the educational JRPG hit PlayStation vita.

The funding required for a version to appear on Sony’s handheld is £50,000 according to a recent post by Strawberry Games on the campaign’s blog, as it will require additional work to get off the ground.

“For everyone who is interested in the PS Vita version of the game- We’ve laid out the plan and how much extra work is going to be needed for the PS Vita version. It will need a new UI, a lot of optimization, implementation of touch screen support (and hopefully writing recognition) and some assets will need to be remade for it. ”

Another stretch goal was also announced. Set at £60,000 it would see the inclusion of the Akihabara battle zone to the unconventional role-playing-game. Described as an “almost endless procedural battle zone set on the streets of Akiba”, details about this mode have not fully been revealed at this time.

Koe plans to teach players the Japanese language in an accessible and fun manner, integrating educational elements into the core game design of a fully-realized and traditional JRPG.

Currently the developer is planning to secure licenses for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U versions of the game.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    What an absolutely fantastic idea this is. I love games that are fun and educational. Shame there aren’t more of them!

    • Brian Sharon

      Agreed Jon! I’m really looking forward to this game!