Gem-mining platformer Steamworld Dig will be launching on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 on March 18th in North America complete with cross-buy.

Details regarding the release date were revealed in a recent post on the Official PlayStation Blog that outlined today’s Spring Fever Sale that sees discounts for such titles as Fez and Luftrausers. According to the listing the recently announced Steamworld Dig will indeed carry a $9.99 price tag; but it will also be receiving a launch week price cut to $7.99 for PlayStation plus members.

In Steamworld Dig players amass a fortune by mining for, and selling, precious stones. Digging is not recreational however, as enemies lurk under the surface. Exchanging the much-earned funds for improved armour and equipment is the best way to prepare, but also perpetuates the cycle, pushing you to dig deeper than ever before.

  • aros

    Wow! Looks like they didn’t announce it until QA was complete then – Hopefully this will be a new trend for medium sized games but I am still looking forward to lots of longer term announcements incoming soon.

    • Brian Sharon

      I agree. The quick turn-around is exciting, but at the same time I’d like to see it matched with some more traditional reveals.

      Still though, this is good news.

  • Steph

    My kids will dig this so no doubt I’ll buy it m

    • Brian Sharon

      I’m glad that the Vita is playing host to a wide array of titles, that appeal to different demographics.