Atlus has announced that the forthcoming Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars will be receiving a demo on both PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS on March 25th in North America. Moreover players can carry over their progress made in the demo to the ful game via their saves.

Additionally more information was released regarding the “Mecunite” system that sees Star Children join together to form formidable and elementally powerful robot. According to the publisher merging your young allies requires Bonding Points and combines the entire team of children into one singular unit.

Mecunits not only come with incredible stat boosts, but also unique and devastating skills and abilities. They are able to issue out massive damage to a singular target or multiple units via Area of Effect attack,  but are capable of healing allies to full-health. Another bonus of the Mecunits is that their HP and MP are completely separate from that of your party, allowing for strategical combinations when your Star Children are low in health.

While these behemoths are no doubt advantageous, it does come with a sense of risk. Upon taking the form the monolithic form, the newly formed unit takes on the primary element of the team, meaning that the player must select this option with a sense of strategy, making sure that the foe on the other end is weak to that element.

Conception II is set to arrive on PlayStation Vita on April 15th in North America.

Check out the gallery below:

  • TheExile285

    This sounds awesome. I had no idea system like this existed in the game. 😀

  • Lester Paredes

    That sounds cool. If children could do that in real life, I’d have had more than one… lol

  • aros

    I’m in EU but have this pre-ordered 😀

  • nonscpo

    Interesting, but I already preorderd the game, I think ill skip the demo this time and go straight into the game; still trying to finish Toukiden and Dangan Ronpa.