What I’m fairly sure is the first Atelier Ayesha Plus trailer has just popped up on the PlayStation Japan YouTube account.

With Atelier Ayesha Plus hitting Japanese Vitas on March 27th, it’s about time we’ve got a trailer. The description tells about the basic plot (Ayesha venturing out to find her lost sister), the inclusion of the PS3 DLC and the pricing of 7,800 yen ($76.33) for the premium edition, 5,800 yen ($56.76) for the standard retail edition and 5,143 yen ($50.33) for the digital download.

Check out the trailer below;



  • Yuuki

    i just hope we will get it…

  • Lester Paredes

    It sure is looking nice. I hope it comes west. and if it does, with warning. I don’t always have 40 bucks sitting in my PSN wallet for a rainy day.