This Spring, Attack on Titan costumes and decorations invade Phantasy Star Online 2 – a popular F2P Japanese MMORPG.

This new content addition will consist of both costumes and decorations, though it’s clear the costumes are the focal point. The new outfits include three division and recruit stickers, as well as maneuver gear and a set of blades that will be used as PSO2’s Twin Daggers and Wired Lance weapons (though it’s worth nothing that the maneuver gear can be detached from the costume). The female characters will also be getting Mikasa’s hair and scarf as clothing choices, so they can be extra stylish.


In addition to the costume content however, there will also be a behemoth titan added to the lobby and certain background situations, as well as Attack on Titan posters showing up around the town.


If this is something you’re interested in, you can also check out the Attack on Titan content in a bit more detail with the following capture, which shows footage from a recent PSO2 broadcast captured by YouTube user Manta Oyamada.

Watch TVL for more as the Attack on Titan content heads to Phantasy Star Online 2 this Spring in Japan.

  • Thulsa

    Just to confirm this is the PSO2 Episode 2 release only? or will it also be available for original PSO2 owners?