Double Eleven has announced that PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate will be their next title and will be launching on PlayStation Vita and the PS4 this Summer.

Hinted for release on the Vita back in January, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is a twin stick shooter that encourages the player to explore and interact with the environments on offer as well as shooting the enemies that you come across. PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate combines the campaigns of the first two PixelJunk Shooter games and adds to these to give us the third PixelJunk Shooter game.

As well as PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate having ‘Cross Play’ and ‘Cross Save’ functionality, Double Eleven has also told us that the game will feature an all new scoring system and a handheld-friendly HUD. Double Eleven say that the original HUD used up to much of the Vita’s display, so the new HUD featured in this game has a level of transparency – enabling the player to see most of the action whilst still being able to keep track of vital information.


Also Double Eleven tell us of the difficulties they faced in bringing the game to the PlayStation Vita. They tell us that most of the puzzles in PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate involve manipulating fluids such as lava,water or acid. The simulation of these fluids in the puzzles involve several thousand particles to ensure that the fluid looks perfect. This can cause problems for some quad-core PC’s, so to make the game work on the Vita was a tough task we are told. However, due to Double Eleven’s research and development, this has been made possible and this beautiful game can be brought to life on the PlayStation Vita.

With PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate scheduled for a Summer release, be sure to keep an eye on The Vita Lounge between now and then for any further updates!

  • Josh101

    Awesome!! I have been saying for a while now that I wanted Pixeljunk Shooter on my PS Vita. This is good news.

  • Lester Paredes

    Well, This was a game that I missed on PS3. So, even though it’s not a ‘new’ game, it’s new to me. I’m sold. Always wanted to try it.

  • aros

    Sounds great. I love that the Vita focused teams seem to be really getting to grips with the hardware.

  • Owen McNamara

    They should tell Team17 how they did their particles then, so that new Worms game can look a bit better.