After months of uncertainty it has been revealed that the PlayStation Vita edition of Football Manager Classic 2014 will arrive sometime in April. 

The news came via twitter where Sports Interactive Studio Director Miles Jacobson unceremoniously announced the release window for the micro-management heavy sports simulator.

I’m happy to be able to announce that Football Manager Classic is released on Vita in April. More details next week from @FootballManager

Originally announced for PS Vita at Gamescom in 2013, Football Manager Classic went on to launch on all planned platforms before the end of year, except Sony’s handheld that is. The game was announced as having cross-save support on PC, Mac and Linux, as well as having an early Vita release while the game was still being developed that was granted via purchase at participating retailers, but few other details had been shared up to this point.

We will update you as information is revealed next week.