We may have gotten the original edition, but it seems like the extra content (extra naughty) version will stay Japan only for now.

XSEED stated on Facebook that they have no plans to localize the game, despite being the localizing and publishing talents behind the vanilla edition when it launched back in October of last year. With nobody jumping in to pick up the slack and no deals in place we know of, that effectively lowers the chances of seeing the Gold edition make its way West – though if the original is anything to go by, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  • fatdog21

    Is it wrong of me that im happy that the game isnt coming considering that he game was (and always will be) a piece of dog shit……..

    • steven1212121212

      No, of course not. Valhalla Knights has been mediocre, since the first title.

  • Lester Paredes

    Not surprised. I doubt it sold very much. T&A can only get you so far…

  • Yuuki

    I guess Brian gonna be sad about it.

  • aros

    Better they use their resources on a game that is capable of appealing to Western tastes – perve games are never going to be popular here.

  • nonscpo

    The real mistake here was to localize the third installment if they were going to make a definitive eddition. VK3G should have been the only version brought over, now anybody who wants this game has to settle with the mediocre port instead. On a positive note Xseed is bringing over Akibas Trip 2, although I don’t really care for the official name change.

  • That’s not too surprising, to be honest. This trend of “Plus” editions of all of these games is kinda crazy in Japan, to be honest. Almost every Hunting game is getting this. Technically, that’s not what VK3 is, but it did receive a pretty poor reception. It got a lot of undeserved hate.