We get a deeper look at the family expansion process used in Over My Dead Body 2, along with a look at some of the Gods you can mate with.

In Over My Dead Body 2, you play as the members of a family with a cursed bloodline. This curse allows this family to live for only around two years, and in order to keep your family tree growing (and alive) you’ll need to mate with various gods, deities and cursed families to keep it expanding.

In order to mate  with the gods however, you’ll need “Dedication Points” to offer as payment. These Dedication Points are awarded through battle, and can be used in a menu like the following to initiate mating;


That menu shows the amount of Dedication Points needed to mate with the gods shown, and as you can see the price ranges greatly – from 10 points up to well over 225 (it appears to be in ascending order and the scroll bar is long). You’ll only get stronger offspring by paying more to mate with stronger gods, so you’ll have to plan your family very carefully.


Physical traits such as facial features and body types will be handed down (including special attributes, like the horns pictured above), though the main areas you’ll want to look at involve the inheriting of abilities. The screenshot below shows ability parameters for heart, skills and body – however, there will also be elemental attributes for earth, wind, water and fire.


We also get a look at four of the gods you can make offspring with, check them out below;

All these partners and more can be yours when Over My Dead Body 2 hits Japan this Summer.

  • Lester Paredes

    Makin’ Babies!

    That seems to be a recurring theme in Japanese games, lately.

    • Umar Jahangir

      Fire Emblem and Conception 2 only so far. But hey, if this means deeper relationships in my games, I am all for t.

  • Umar Jahangir

    Now this seems like a polished RPG on vita. Not SMT/Persona level probably but say, looks better than Conception 2.